Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweet summertime - Gone in a Flash!

Lack of blogging does not equal lack of living. Sometimes I think maybe just the opposite could be true. Sometimes I focus so hard on capturing moments and trying to hang on to them forever, I don't truly experience them. This summer has been CRAZY. My small, basement business has become a not-so-small, getting-ready-to-sign-a-lease-on-a-real-facility business. However, I'm still home with the boys and they come first! I work every night, until the very wee hours of the morning in the garage. Since I have been stretched so thin, this summer I have just focused on enjoying my precious boys! This summer, we have blown a lot of bubbles. eaten a lot of popsicles. sang a lot of songs. slept late. swam. watched a lot of cartoons. eaten a lot of junk food. given lots of kisses. given twice as many hugs. been very carefree! We haven't worried about a thing. Hayden starts the first grade (insert tear here) next week, so that will bring back some much needed structure around here! The plan is to move into our facility beginning of September, and then I can start working some during the day rather than staying up so late at night. And also I can set up a real schedule for the lady who helps me pack boxes. The facility is 3 minutes from my house, 1600 square feet and it's practically perfect. There is an entire room that I can set up as a playroom for the boys and it will make it much easier for me to work with them around (rather than how we are setup downstairs in the garage currently.) I haven't signed the lease yet, so let's hope I don't chicken out. God has certainly blessed us and this business! To say we are thankful would be an understatement.

I am thankful for such precious, healthy children. This summer, Hayden started taking piano lessons, and he decided to let his hair grow long. He says it looks cool when your hair swoops over your eye. He continues to crack us up daily with his musings. I can't believe that Garrett will be 2 in just 4 months. He is also hilarious, and he is constantly trying to entertain us. And boy is he INDEPENDENT. He is the opposite of Hayden in that aspect. Hayden, still at age 6, would let me dress him, feed him, bathe him, etc if I still would. (Well, I do still wash his hair, but that's beside the point). Garrett wants NO help eating, bathing (he takes the shampoo bottle and repeatedly pours it over his head and into his hands and says "wash" and really washes himself! And if I try to help, he will throw a fit. Walking down the stairs is another big one. If I try to hold his hand, he will throw a fit. (Starting to see a trend?) He loves to talk, sing, dance, jump, ...and play games on the iphone and iPad. In that aspect, he is Hayden made-over!!

Feeding Ducks - Garrett would cheer for himself when he threw the bread! And then half of the time, he would eat it himself.

Hayden was baptized after VBS at church this summer - he is not ashamed! We couldn't be more proud of that boy and his heart. 

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